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Catalan Independence Leader Carles Puigdemont Arrested in Italy

The former president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont, the subject of an international search and arrest warrant by the Spanish Supreme Court, has been arrested Thursday in Sardinia by the Italian authorities

The former president of the Generalitat (Catalan government), who is an MEP, was arrested upon his arrival in L’Alguer, a municipality on the island of Sardinia where he was scheduled to participate in an event with the Catalan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Victòria Alsina, and the president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Laura Borràs.

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As confirmed by the delegate of the Generalitat in Italy, Puigdemont has been arrested by plainclothes agents upon his arrival by plane to L’Alguer from Brussels.

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Likewise, sources of the Spanish Supreme Court consulted by Efe have pointed out that, apart from the euro-order, there was an active international search and arrest warrant against the former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia for the events of October 1

Puigdemont‘s lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, has explained via social networks that Puigdemont has been arrested upon his arrival in Sardinia, where he was going as an MEP and that this arrest “is in the function of the Euro-order of October 14, 2019 that, by legal imperative and as established by the Statute of the CJEU, is suspended”.

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El President Puigdemont ha sido detenido a su llegada a Cerdeña donde acudía como eurodiputado; esta detención es en función de la euroorden de 14 de octubre de 2019 que, por imperativo legal -según establece el Estatuto del TJUE, se encuentra suspendida.

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Gonzalo Boye (@boye_g) September 23, 2021 “President Puigdemont has been arrested upon his arrival in Sardinia where he was going as an MEP; this arrest is in function of the Euro warrant of October 14, 2019 which, by legal imperative – according to the CJEU Statute, is suspended.” For his part, the head of the former president’s office, Josep Lluís Alay, reported that Puigdemont had gone to L’Alguer to attend the Adifolk international meeting and meet with the president of the autonomous region of Sardinia, as well as with the Síndic of L’Alguer.

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“When he arrived at Alghero airport, he was detained by Italian border police. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, he will be put at the disposal of the judges of the Court of Appeals of Sassari, which is competent to decide whether to release him or extradite him”, the office of the ex-president has informed.

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